Lack or Gratitude ?

This week I have been feeling deeply, circling into themes that need more attention at a deeper level. This is the cycle of healing. I go around in a spiral, learning, healing, releasing and in time I get brought back to similar themes to see more, learn more and dive deeper.

I was thinking this week of old friends that I no longer see. I noticed that I had slipped into the feeling of lack. I don't see these people anymore. I feel lonely, I miss these people, what do I do now that they arn't in my life ? (even though it has been years, or they live in different parts of the world). When I notice and shift into the feeling of gratitude, I am grateful that I spent time with these old friends, that they were in my life at a certain point for a period of time. It was perfect as it was, I feel at peace.

Feeling more deeply into the Lack, I noticed, I was grabbing at things, money, love, friends, security, I was in the space of Lack. Once my attention is turned to gratitude, I feel abundant, I feel flow, I see all the blessings and wealth (of all manor) in my life. I feel full.

Lack creeped up on me again that day, I noticed I was creating problems that didn't exist in reality.

I was back in lack, making up problems or situations where I would be disappointed, left out or let down. I was creating stress, worry, anxiety. These problems do not exist, if I had gone into them further I would have wanted to control situations that didn't exist, I would want to ease my idea of what could happen and how I would feel. This is a head orientate state.

As soon as I noticed and came back in to the feeling of gratitude, all of these made up problems disappeared, they were never real. Flow and communication were accessible again.

Having awareness and noticing how I am feeling gives me understanding and clarity of what programmes are running within myself. It saves me a lot of time, confusion, stress, heart ache, pain and unnecessary stress in my life to address these programmes at an early state.

Being in gratitude and having an attitude of gratitude are similar.

We can train the mind to have an attitude of gratitude, the real secret is feeling. Feel gratitude in the body. This is a state of being that needs to be felt. (similar to the feeling of being loved up, you feel it). When I am in this state, I only have to be. I can relax my mind, come into my peaceful body and operate from my heart centre.

Where are you?, Gratitude or Lack, What awareness is this showing you?

From Love,


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