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Zoom Online - Group Thursday15th July @ 7pm.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

A group dynamic is a powerful catalyst for self-growth. These two-hour sessions are held in a group setting, where I lead the group to explore various topics to unravel our blocks and heal as a collective.

Working with other people is a great tool to go deeper in our own work by seeing others open up vulnerably, share, feel, and connect in a way that we may not usually allow ourselves to out of trauma, fear, or ego.

This class teaches and enables you to drop into your parasympathetic nervous system. It improves feeling, wellbeing, mental health, while reducing pain, stress, tension, fears and worries.

You will receive a 2 hour class with a $50 exchange.

Looking forward to seeing you on the link below @ 7pm; Meeting ID: 830 7149 2457

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