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Neuro-Training Kinesiology to support, guide and release the old, to transform your life!     


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Neuro-Training Kinesiology, is a gentle but powerful modality that brings the brain and body together, connecting them to work as one. 

The Mental, Emotional, Physical and Energy Bodies need to be aligned to create peace, clarity, and the ability to smoothly navigate the waves of our lives. 

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Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

I have had the beautiful experience to do doing regular healing sessions with Sommer for over 9 months.  I have seen so much progress working through blocks, releasing traumas, guidance through my spiritual ascension and gaining invaluable tools to use myself in my day to day life.  The sessions are always given with the highest form of love in a gentle unbiased way and cover such a broad range of topics.  I hold Sommer's knowledge and skill in what she does in very high regard, as her guidance has never been faulted yet and always proves to be so beneficial to my progress in life.  I highly recommend her gifts and feel very grateful and blessed to have her as a guide and in my life.

Amy Badcock

My consult with Sommer was an uplifting experience that reset my energy to become more mindful of my actions & intentions to create/enable a more meaningful reality.  

I felt better connected to my soul & purpose. I felt like I mattered.  Having had a genuine connection to spirit has altered my perception of reality & highlighted my need to relearn things I've accepted as fact when they've only been domestication by society.

Amy Blaq

Sommer is a very responsible energy work practitioner.  I immediately trusted her gentle method and was put at ease by her clear explanations of what was happening.  This helped me to feel and go deeply into the physical and emotional sensations that happened during our session.  Afterwards, I felt lighter, as though I'd dropped lots of baggage and felt empowered to continue working on myself because she provided guidance for me to take responsibility for my own growth.   

Allison Plookhoy

I look forward to my sessions with Sommer as her gentle approach to healing helps my blocks just melt away. I find the beautiful, peaceful energy she channels to be so transformative.

I highly recommend a course of sessions with her.

Tania Grasseschi

When I was first referred to Sommer and her team, I was hesitant and skeptical of her claims.  After meeting her those first few times I was much more appreciative and open to what she was all about, as she is the genuine article and backs up her claims wholeheartedly.  She has a true gift that is quite extraordinary.  After many sessions with her I have found her to be a wonderful person who is very honest, caring, supportive and she takes much pride in her work and has a genuine passion for it.  If you are at the point of reading testimonials and are considering booking in a session, I would encourage you to meet her in person for an initial consultation, and let her ability convince you yourself.  Good to luck to you and happy journey reader.  

Kal Oner



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