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Wholehearted Commitment

My passion in life is to help individuals reconnect with their authentic selves and navigate life from a place of ease and clarity. Although I have always had a deep calling to serve other people, I had first to address my own dysregulation and traumas, which ended up paving the path to living out my deepest purpose. Discovering NeuroTraining Kinesiology (NT) and Emotional Release Therapy (ERT) has enabled me to find a profound sense of inner peace. It was then that I knew my desire to help others could be done with these same tools.

There are many ways to restore wellbeing, but in my experience, it’s the combination of ERT and NT that creates a somatic-based method that is approachable and yet profound. The results I have seen in my own life and the lives of my clients speak for themselves. I hope to be able to serve you using these tools and my experience with this work.

The situations that I focus on with clients worldwide vary wildly, based on individual needs. However, my specialties are:

  • Inner Child Work

  • Deep Trauma

  • Emotional Imbalances

  • Shadow Work

I don’t believe that you are broken. I don’t even believe in blanket terms and goals rooted in “healing.” I am here to help you remember your true nature, reconnect with your authentic self, and live a life of integrity. Instead of healing, I believe we’re feeling our way back to wholeness. 

If your sessions are in person, you will also be supported by Prin, the in-house therapy dog. Prin is a hypoallergenic, non-shedding Lhasa Apso. She provides wonderful, gentle support that helps clients co-regulate their nervous systems to hers. Animals with her nature are a great baseline to anchor amidst the waves of emotions and experiences we face in life and will be exploring during our session.

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