Wholehearted Commitment

Since before birth, I can remember being connected with the Spirit World.  This has had a huge impact on my life, giving me understand and clarity from a young age.  I always knew I wanted to help others, but in which capacity took time to find.  Having received a very traumatic and violent childhood with little love, I had a big healing journey to explore before I could support others. 

I stumbled upon Neuro-Training Kinesiology while I was on my healing journey.  The modality felt so powerful yet gentle, it wielded great results.  I fell in love and began my training.    

The day I qualified and became a Kinesiologist, was the same evening I stood publicly in front of an audience passing messages from spirit. From there on the blend grew.

Nowadays, instead of tapping into your nervous system physically, I will bring energy to, and directly speak to your soul, body, heart, inner child, or aura.   I am able to create energy shifts in your body,  support you through the process enabling you to gain deeper insights and understanding of your life.   I work on priority, each consult will be tailored to what you need in that moment.  This can vary from a range of topics; emotions, fears, thoughts, physical restrictions, behaviours, beliefs, coping and defence mechanisms or inherited thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, or emotional disconnection.     

Animal therapy is a wonderful gentle support while we are moving though big blockages.  Prin is a hypoallergenic, non shedding Lhasa Apso.  She is our resident healing and emotional support dog and is present in face to face consults.


Your parents may have not taught you about your emotions as a child.  In adult hood this results in being disconnected from self and lost.  Reconnecting with self allows you to move thought the emotional baggage you have been carrying, enabling you to be free and feel yourself again.

 You had bad experience during childhood education, the emotions have stayed within your body, so you THINK you don't enjoy learning, it may bring stress or anxiety.  When you move through the emotional blocks of the initial trauma.  The true version of you can enjoy learning.

When you move through what is holding you back, you are able to become the lighter truer version of yourself.   

I provide education, support and insights so you can navigate life with more understanding and have skills to build the life you choose.  This is a gentle and powerful process that works on, and releases what you are ready. 

Once we are fully connected with ourselves and have balanced our bodies, we are moving forwards as one, without resistance or hesitation. Manifestations are clear, we are at peace and able to generate our own happiness.  

I really feel a sense of pride and love seeing my clients grow and glow. 

Looking forwards to working together.

Shaman Sommer Xox



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