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Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

Sommer is a very responsible practitioner.  I immediately trusted her gentle method and was put at ease by her clear explanations of what was happening.  This helped me to feel and go deeply into the physical and emotional sensations that happened during our session.  Afterward, I felt lighter, as though I'd dropped lots of baggage and felt empowered to continue working on myself because she provided guidance for me to take responsibility for my own growth.


I have had the beautiful experience of doing regular sessions with Sommer for over 9 months.  I have seen so much progress working through blocks, releasing traumas, guidance through my growth, and gaining invaluable tools to use myself in my day-to-day life.  The sessions are always given with the highest form of love in a gentle unbiased way and cover such a broad range of topics.  I hold Sommer's knowledge and skill in what she does in very high regard, as her guidance has never been faulted and always proves to be so beneficial to my progress in life.  I highly recommend her modality and feel very grateful and blessed to have her as a support in my life.


As a man, I have always had trouble expressing my emotions. In fact I’m not sure I even knew what I was feeling most of the time. I grew up in a typical Australian household with the “boys don’t cry'' mentality that reinforced a constant suppression of my emotions and authentic self-expression. Working in a highly regarded position in a big company ended up driving me over the edge into depression, and when antidepressants failed to work a friend recommended I try Emotional Release Therapy. Sommer has helped me come back to my body, understand my emotions, and actually value my authentic nature. This has absolutely never come naturally to me, but within a few sessions I felt like I met a side of myself I didn’t know existed. I am no longer on anti-depressants, my marriage has never been better, and most importantly I am now so much more prepared as my wife and I prepare to have our own children.


I look forward to my sessions with Sommer as her gentle approach to support helps my blocks just melt away. I find the beautiful, peaceful space she holds to be so transformative.
I highly recommend a course of sessions with her.


My eight-year-old boy has been doing children's sessions with Sommer, and it has completely changed his character at school and at home. He was having behavioural issues, and after a doctor recommended he go on ADHD medication, I knew I had to explore more holistic modalities first. Working with Sommer has given him tools to understand and communicate his feelings and give his father and me SO much insight on how to support him better. He is no longer acting out, no medications needed.


After a difficult divorce, I started drinking a lot. I was never much of a drinker before but the pain just overwhelmed me and alcohol eased the pain. I could see that it was taking a toll on other aspects of my life and after waking up one day realising that this was not the example I wanted to set for my kids I reached out to Sommer for help. Sommer has helped me untangle and process the divorce and without even trying my reliance on alcohol disappeared. Now my kids work with Sommer to help them navigate their own experiences and learn these tools for the rest of their lives.


I have been working on deep-rooted low-self-worth patterns for a very long time before working with Sommer. I could see all the ways in which I was self-sabotaging my own happiness but had no success in breaking free from these patterns. This work has been transformational for me in helping me love myself and operate from a place of high self-worth. Finding my worth through these sessions has impacted every aspect of my life and made major life changes that I knew I needed to make but never had the courage or ability to achieve. Thank you, Sommer, I am so grateful.


I was dealing with chronic anxiety for half a decade before working with Sommer. This crippling anxiety felt like the biggest curse and I was so overwhelmed by it that it was affecting every area of my life. I was too afraid to go on dates, I had to quit my job because I got too anxious dealing with customers 1 on 1-- at 28 it felt like my life was spiralling out of control. I cannot believe how profound this work was. After a single session I unwound so many beliefs I had about myself and my life. I am now anxiety-free, in a happy relationship, and am back at work feeling so confident. I would never have imagined I could recover from this in such a short time.



I had struggled with emotional eating for about 15 years. I started having disordered eating at about age 17, when my body started changing as a woman. I became extremely self conscious and my self-worth just tanked. I ended up battling with binge-eating throughout university and afterwards to the point where I had absolutely no control with food and had a terrible relationship with my body. I was so ashamed and no matter how hard I tried or how many diets I embarked on, the yo-yo rebound always came back. I have been working with Sommer for two months and have not had a binge since, I am learning the deeper emotionally-rooted nature of my disorder, and with absolutely no force or willpower, the food addiction has totally fallen off. This work has changed the way I see addiction, and has given me back a sense of freedom that I have not had since childhood.



I wanted to quit my job and apply for work that is in more alignment with my life goals. I did a single session with Sommer the day before quitting to help me get clear on my purpose, really drop into my body, and boost my self-worth. Although I generally feel pretty good and clear in my life, I work with Sommer every so often to refresh and re-align myself with what is most true to me. It feels like spring cleaning for my soul.



Sommer has been working with me and my two boys for a year now. As a single mother, there have been many overwhelming points as a parent to these boys, and Sommer has been helping us all navigate life with such grace and clarity. We work with her individually as well as in group family sessions, and the boys have learnt to connect with their emotions in such a beautiful way. We have all become better at communicating with one another, and the work we do in these sessions has transformed life at home. Life-changing for our family, thank you Sommer.



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