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Mind Body Spirit Alignment

Gift yourself an hour with Sommer.  She will connect in with you and provide a tailor-made consult based on priority of what you need in that moment.  

Are you stressed, stuck, lost, uncomfortable, ?  Are you ready to work on your inner world to create positive change and growth in your life?

An hour consult is AUD $150  either face to face or online. We look forward to working with you!

We have a Covid promotion for new clients.  The first three consults @ $130 AUD please use 'COVID' promotional code on the booking page.

Please use these reduced rates to transform your life.

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Emotional Balancing

How are you feeling, and why? 

Do you know how to feel?

Are you 'over sensitive'?

What are your feelings saying to you?    

The body holds emotional wounds.  These can be from traumas, fears, sickness, the passing of loved ones or defence and inherited patterns.  

Though body work, I can create energy shifts,  providing insights and clarity, we are able to support and educate your emotional body.   We work in a gentle way using priority as our method, providing what you need in the moment.  This can range from; connecting you with your emotional body, educating you to feel and label emotions, or working through triggers and emotional wounds that are ready to be released.

As children we experience trauma if we are not connected with our emotional body.  This can be because, our parents didn't show feelings,  we were not loved enough or did not feel safe to express our feelings.

An hour consult is AUD $150.  Lets be real, with how we feel!


Mother and a Child

Parent / Guardian and Child

Children are a perfect reflection and mirror of us.  They bring triggers within us we may not see.  We are a guide for our children,  we can get lost.

Working in this way with parent and child enables smooth communication, moving through blockages on both sides to create harmonious relationships and remove blockages.

These consults can be for particular areas, general bonding, communication and well being or healing and restorative.  

Each consult will be tailor made to what you, as a pair need in the moment. 

Children Consults

Teaching children about their emotions is key for them to become healthy adults.  Enabling them to move through fears, inherited and emotional patterns and to connect in with themselves at a young age is life changing.

Giving children the opportunity to understand what boundaries feel like is an essential life skill.

When children hit puberty their amygdala part of their brain is first to grow, the feelings and emotions centre.  The last part of their brain to grown is their prefrontal cortex which is responsible for consequences and decision making.

Lets give the adults of tomorrow a great chance of a wonderful life and to create their world.

All children need to be accompanied by a legal guardian, all consults are tailor made of what they need in the moment.

New Growth

Plant Medicine Integration

Plant Medicine is a beautiful opportunity to integrate, work through and  balance many aspects of ourselves.

It can be an overwhelming time.  We can work together to prepare you energetically for ceremony.

After retreat, you may need some additional support to integrate new energy's, and to shift the residual energy that is ready for release. We work with you, and your needs.

An hour consult is AUD $150.  Have a magical journey!



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