My Services

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Private Consult

1 Hour Private Consult- Adult

Each hour-long session is tailored to meet you where you are at, based on what is presenting and what your wants and needs are at that time. The session is founded on the Emotional Release Therapy principles, and I use NeuroTraining Kinesiology as a tool to delve deeper, exploring aspects of yourself that may be slightly harder to access without kinesiology. 

Common examples of areas you may choose to focus on in a session include:

  • Addressing anxiety or depression

  • Wanting to be more in tune or aware of your emotions

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, lost, or in a rut

  • Looking for a new direction in life

  • Wanting to overcome addiction or self-sabotage

  • Dealing with PTSD or trauma patterns

  • Dealing with chronic fatigue 

Together we will work to discharge trapped or suppressed emotions, explore tools to help you self-regulate your nervous system, and effectively build new neural pathways with more supportive beliefs about yourself and the world. With each session, you will learn to ride the waves of your emotions so that you can navigate difficult situations with greater ease, without generating new trauma.

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Group is held the First Monday of each month.

7pm - 8.30pm on Zoom.

This is a confidential space with a maximum of 7 participants.

Working in a group dynamic is a powerful catalyst for self-growth. These sessions are held in a group setting, where I lead the group to explore various topics to unravel our blocks and heal as a collective. Working with other people is a great tool to go deeper in our own work by seeing others open up vulnerably, share, feel, and connect in a way that we may not usually allow ourselves to out of trauma, fear, or ego.

Anything outside of ourselves can act as a mirror, enabling us to see parts of ourselves that need integration and healing. By working in a group setting, you’re giving yourself more opportunities to see parts of you that have been neglected, abandoned, or rejected.

A big part of the work I do hinges on the integration of the whole person, of reconnecting with your authentic nature. This is very difficult for many people who have been raised to fit in. We are taught to be “good,” “quiet,” “patient,” or “well-behaved.” Instead of finding people who accept us for our whole authentic self, we spend life trying to please everyone or be perfect, constantly shape-shifting and suppressing our deepest emotions to be liked or accepted.

These group sessions are here to help us navigate the waters of our unintegrated self, to feel our way back to wholeness. Given the current state of the world, there is a lot of fear being perpetuated around gathering and connection. This workshop will serve as a disconfirming experience to the current narrative to remind you of the healing power of community.

This gathering can provide you some insight on:

How emotional release therapy works in a group setting.

How to connect more deeply with your emotions.

How to move through your emotions in a healthy way.

How to use triggers and difficult situations in your life for growth.

Why connecting with your deepest feelings is a necessary catalyst for growth.

How to co-regulate your nervous system with other peoples.

Being able to use the mirror effect.

Im looking forward to seeing you there. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment.

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3 or 6 Month Support Bundle

$360 Saving 20% Discount.

A Support Bundle of 12 Sessions.

3 Month Support Bundle - Weekly Sessions

6 Month Support Bundle - Bi-Weekly Sessions

For those who are in need of some continued support in processing their emotions, trauma and presenting circumstances.

For those who are ready to commit to themselves.

For those who would like to sink in deeper to self and release the root of their outdated beliefs, behaviours and coping mechanisms.

For those who want to dive deep and change their fundamental blue print.

For those who feel lost and want to connect with self on a deeper level.

For those who are ready to be in body and operate from their heart centre.

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1 Month Support Bundle

10% Discount.

A Support Bundle of 4 Sessions.

1 Month Support Bundle - Weekly Sessions

This package is to support people who are ready to dip their toes in a dip deeper into self.  Discovering who they authentically truely are while releasing coping mechanisms, defensive mechanisms and all that is no longer serving them. 

This Support Bundle can be for those who are experiencing chronic pain, emotional patterns for example, depression or emotional eating.  

Also those who are fed up and are ready for a shift in life.

The time is now!

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30 Minute Child Consult

30 Minute Consult- Child

These sessions are tailored to children to help them learn tools to navigate life’s problems in a healthy and integrated way. Understanding their emotions is a foundational tool to help children cultivate self-worth, implement and honour their boundaries, and effectively communicate their wants and needs in life. 

Many parents and adults were never given these tools as children, so it can be challenging to pass on something that we never received.