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Tuesday 7th September 7pm - 2 Hour Consult - Group Setting

2 Hour Group Setting.

Welcome to the New Moon the beginning of a new cycle. A time for shedding the old, planting seeds, ideas, launching new projects and goals. For all those that feel the call for a supportive environment to embrace this time, the room link and details for group are below.

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Meeting ID: 863 6763 4621 Be gentle, kind and loving towards self during these deep growth and expansive times. Anything outside of ourselves can act as a mirror, enabling us to see parts of ourselves that need integration and healing. By working in a group setting, you’re giving yourself more opportunities to see parts of you that have been neglected, abandoned, or rejected. A big part of the work I do hinges on the integration of the whole person, of reconnecting with your authentic nature. This is very difficult for many people who have been raised to fit in. We are taught to be “good,” “quiet,” “patient,” or “well-behaved.” Instead of finding people who accept us for our whole authentic self, we spend life trying to please everyone or be perfect, constantly shape-shifting and suppressing our deepest emotions to be liked or accepted. These group sessions are here to help us navigate the waters of our unintegrated self, to feel our way back to wholeness. Given the current state of the world, there is a lot of fear being perpetuated around gathering and connection. This two-hour workshop will serve as a disconfirming experience to the current narrative to remind you of the healing power of community. If you’ve never experienced a 1-on-1 with me, this gathering can provide you some insight on:

  • How emotional release therapy works

  • How to connect more deeply with your emotions

  • How to move through your emotions in a healthy way

  • How to use triggers and difficult situations in your life for growth

  • Why connecting with your deepest feelings is a necessary catalyst for growth

  • How to co-regulate your nervous system with other peoples

  • Where you may like to go deeper and explore what comes up either with the collective group or in private with just the two of us

Im looking forward to seeing you there.

Sommer and Prin


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